Trentino Alto Adige: Land of Castles

If you want to travel among history, among gothic chapels, renaissance frescoes, medieval architecture, then you should consider going to Trentino Alto Adige which is distinguished, among many other particularities, as a land of castles.  Just enter in one of its princely residences or fortresses to feel the echo of distant and timeless memories.  Its aristocratic residences, surrounded by green vegetation and the fragrance of woods, among the pleasant sounds of waterfalls and streams, narrate legends of knights, heroes and princesses.

The castles in Trentino have often been theatres of battles, fantastic history, intrigues and miracles. Numerous and beautiful, some are hotels and restaurants, others just museums.  For example, it is possible to stay in Castel Rundegg, with its arches, warm colours of the furnishings, the tranquility of its park, its sophisticated Beauty Farm, apart from the golf course and its wonderful gardens.  Or you could stay at Castel Rubein, dating back to the 12th century, and on the outskirts of Maia Alta in the elegant residential district of Merano, which offers elegant and high quality hospitality.  With its specially chosen elegant antique furnishings, carpets, majolica stove and luxurious suites it has a warm and refined atmosphere.  Of special interest, is the spectacular suite which occupies 3 floors of the ancient tower.

From a majestic aspect, there is Castel Pergine, dating back to the 12th century and situated on a hill which overlooks the valley of Alta Valsugana.  It belonged to the Dukes of Austria and Emperor Massimiliano I.  With its salons, it is surrounded by an enchanting garden and hosts art exhibitions.  The castle restaurant offers weekly regional menus with seasonal produce.

Trentino also has other historic castles, for the most part functioning as museums: Castello del BuonconsiglioCastel Beseno, testimonies of important battles and subject of fantastic and legendary narratives. There i salso Castello di Stenico, also famous for its frescoes, while Castel Toblino is characteristic because it is a rare example of a ‘lacustre’ fortification, being built on an island in a lake.  Similarly surrounded by water is also Castello di Rovereto which stands on a rock on the right bank of the River Leno.

Among other castles, we should also mention the evocative Castello di Arco, the Castelli di Caldes and Castel Ivano, also rich in history and legenda. Instead, for those who want to immerse themselves in history and tradition, and at the same time take in current events, it is advisable to visit the Mart, the authoritative ‘museum of modern and contemporary art of Trento e Rovereto‘.

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