Shalai Resort: the new charm hotel at the foot of Etna

At the foot of the majestic Sicilian volcano, Shalai Resort, is a hotel which blends the richness of the nature of the place with the richness of its style and furnishing. Surrounded by a warm and intimate atmosphere, you can dream in an eighteenth-century building, filled with all comforts and rendered suitable to renew your wellbeing in relaxation and in enjoyment.

The regal façade of the early 19th century emphasizes the origin of the building as an aristocratic residence and the entire aristocratic context of the building has been reviewed and re-interpreted by expert architects precisely to give it that lightness and luminosity to make your stay here more pleasant.

The name of the hotel comes from the Sicilian expression “scialarsi” which literally means have fun, giving the idea of full happiness and total wellbeing.

In addition, you can be delighted by pampering the senses with Sicilian cuisine which, by careful selection of seasonal ingredients and a refined interpretation by the Chef, can offer you the genuineness of an “à la carte” menu, typical specialities from tradition and refinement of the desserts.

Not lacking from the menu will be Sicilian cassatas (ice-cream cakes), marzipan fruits, cannoli di ricotta (ricotta cheese pastries) and sweet wines such as zibibbo or passito (raisin wine/straw wine).

In this intimate and warm atmosphere, you can choose your own personalized course of wellbeing through the use of a saunahydro-massage bath and Turkish bath.  Two beauty salons and a relaxation corner with aromatic centrifuges will allow you to restore your emotional and mental energies.

The result of special attention to details is an unconventional space where taste for the antique blends with contemporary style in such a way as to make the resort a warm and familiar place just a short distance from the Catania night life, from the clean mountain air and from the sea of the playa or of the rocky coastline that stretches from Catania towards Acitrezza, Aci Castello, Acireale and Taormina.

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