Getting married in a castle in Italy: a dream that comes true!

Getting married in a castle is a bit a dream for everyone, especially for the most romantic ones. In Italy there are many castles to realize this dream and to live your wedding day in a magical place where time stands still. To best advise and organize your wedding in a castle,, specialized in castles since over 10 years, has created an exclusive website specifically dedicated to the choice of a castle where to celebrate your wedding or to organize your special event.

Within the site you will find a selection of the most fascinating and exclusive castles where to realize your dream: ‘getting married in a castle’.

In  the Piedmont region, the Castello di Pavone is considered to be one of the most beautiful and fabulous castles in Italy. Within its mighty walls we find the marvelous Noble Courtyard with its suggestive “Mistery well”. Moving towards the lakes region, on a lush hillside overlooking  the famous Lake Maggiore, we find  the Castello Dal Pozzo, a magnificent expression of the Tudor Gothic  style from the Victorian age.

Should you choose the romantic Tuscany region for your wedding, we recommend the breathtaking Castello di Tornano, situated among the beautiful Chianti hills, where you can live the unique and unforgettable experience of holding your wedding reception in the shadow of the high medieval tower. In the nearby Umbria region, you will be enchanted by the Castello di Montignano, which is surrounded by a lush park of centuries-old olive trees.

Approaching the central part of Italy, in the Abruzzo region, nestled among  the breathtaking landscapes of the Maiella mountains, we find the Castello di Semivicoli, famous for its exclusive antique furnishings. In the Lazio region, dominating the Tiber valley, we can admire one of the best preserved medieval castles: the Castello Orsini Nerola, which offers the opportunity to experience a real ‘medieval wedding‘.

For those who love the sea and Mediterranean landscapes there are many extraordinary locations in Sicily, the crossroad of many different cultures  and of both ancient and modern travelers. Near the beautiful Taormina, on the east coast of the island, we find the castles of Calatabiano: the Castello Cruyllas, situated on top of romantic hills with breathtaking views,  and the Castello San Marco, located by the sea. Both are characterized by unique landscapes and by uncomparable views over  the most active volcano in Europe, the Mount Etna. The Castello di Cruyllas has modern contemporary furnishings, with a small inner courtyard, while the Castello San Marco is characterized by the Sicilian baroque and features large indoor and outdoor spaces, such as the marvelous winter garden and the large swimming pool.

Further down in the southern part of Sicily, at about one hour drive from Catania we find the Castello Camemi, a magnificent example of a fortified farm located among  the romantic hills of Sicily. The castle features a large courtyard with a centuries-old olive tree in the center of it and a beautiful garden with swimming pool, ideal for celebrations during the summer season. On the south coast of Sicily, directly on the Mediterranean sea, we can admire one of the few castles located directly on the sea, the Castello di Falconara. It is a unique castle, with a large medieval tower which features a large fireplace and beautiful tapestries. The property hosts a lush garden with tropical palm trees and a large terrace situated by the sandy beach. The palace dating from ‘700 together with its enchanting surroundings make this property one of the most beautiful Sicilian noble estates.

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