The green at your fingertips…

After the success of the first edition, also this year the Festival of Gardens takes place in Villa Reale in Monza from 23rd  May to 2nd June, dedicated to the theme of urban gardens with many events dedicated to the green, the transformation of public areas and the self-production of food resources.

The event includes a series of initiatives, such as horticulture courses, cooking lessons, children’s workshops, show cooking and other events, shows and concerts every day.

Thanks to the collaboration of many architects and designers, some self-production courses will be organized to teach people how they may realize a home vegetable garden, as a response to the needs of a healthy and economic alimentation, in an urban context with social, educational or just panoramic targets.

In addition, the dining area of the Festival will offer visitors examples of natural and macrobiotic cuisine using local food.

During this event there will be the participation of primary schools, that will create a large vegetable collective garden  preparing different kinds of plots of vegetables, flowers and plants.

This interesting initiative was thought to create new “green” places, where you can relax, use the urban space in a different way, with a focus on the environment and on the quality of life itself. So gardens become a place where people can socialize, but also a way to assert their own creativity and imagination.

This opportunity is ideal not only for those who have got the so-called “green thumb”, but especially for those who wish to make their neighbour “green with envy” showing off with pride their garden …

Fortezza Viscontea - Lombardy - Castle

So we may suggest you to stay at the Hotel Villa San Carlo Borromeo, a beautiful hotel a few kilometres from Monza, and at the Fortezza Viscontea, which is absolutely exclusive, where you will be surrounded by the magic atmosphere of an ancient past.

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