A Hotel with boat in Lampedusa

Today we are going to dream in Lampedusa… in the beautiful setting of the archipelago of the Pelagie Islands, where you smell the air of Italy in a tropical landscape there is an island, in the middle of the sea, which seems a mirage, where Africa and Italy meet each other, and  it will welcome you with its colours and a warm sun that makes the climate tempered by continuous sea breezes.

You will spend your free time between quietness and relaxing baths in the incredible blue of the sea, discovering the most beautiful coves of the island.

The Hotel Lampedusa La Calandra offers its guests every kind of comforts, because it is a classy and an elegant spa hotel, situated in an idyllic location close to shops and restaurants and well surrounded by an uncontaminated nature.

La Calandra - Sicily - Resort

The hotel has got a comfortable mahogany gulet, a very particular boat which pays attention to the details, offering its guests the opportunity to have lunch on board and to explore the coast of Lampedusa from the northern side, with its tall and jagged shapes and caves, to the southern bays, with their coves and white sand beaches, such as the wonderful Rabbit beach, a charming view of the sea that has no equal and it is interesting for many visitors and tourists from all the world.

And so Lampedusa, a meeting point in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, recently discovered, witnesses the evident passage of cultures and histories between reality and illusion, where every moment of your holiday will be unforgettable and perfect.


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