Eremito Hotelito Del Alma…the pleasure and the peace of mind

In the green heart of Umbria, in Parrano, The Eremito Hotelito del Alma, has been recently opened. It is a historic hermitage of rare beauty and innovative luxury, a luxury which comes from the past and that today seems almost forgotten, the ancient luxury of the essential, to relax, to enjoy silence, serenity and simplicity to regenerate both body and soul,

far from noise, traffic, and from the frenesy of everyday life, telephone and television, and where you can relax thanks to the warm candle light at sunset.

The Eremito is situated in a natural reserve, surrounded by a magical atmosphere, on a hill overlooking  the Chiani river, in a location which is warm in winter and cool in summer, where you can find at the same time the most advanced, modern and green building techniques, and the ancient atmosphere of the medieval monastery, covered with stones, with its 14 individual cells with views on the valley, like the ancient cells used by the old desert fathers .

There are other particular characteristics, such as the hand-sewn linen, the ancient refectory that is used as a dining room, a reading room with a big fireplace, a spa area carved into the rock, with Gregorian chants as background music, a pergola which is ideal to have dinner based on products of the land, with vegetarian recipes that reflect the most healthy diet proposed by the monks.

Eremito Hotelito Del Alma - Umbria - Convento-monastero-abbazia

The need for solitude is balanced with optional activities, such as “light yoga” in the morning, or riding a horse or just walking in contact with nature and gardening activities.

So are you ready to be without all the things you are used to, and live an unique and unrepeatable experience as an Eremito? We are waiting for you…


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