Sardinia, the island of long life

L ‘elixir of long life has the taste of Sardinia, a small paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, where people live much longer than those in the rest of the world.

What is the secret of this exceptional longevity? Genetic factors and a favorable climate, but also the red wine, fruit, cheese, fish and other typical Sardinian food which confirm the best quality products, and represent the excellent and essential ingredients for a healthy and balanced diet.

The Sardinian wine contains more antioxidants, as well as fruit and cheese. The males centenarians drink wine, while women habitually eat milk, cheese, pasta and vegetables, but everything has to be consumed with moderation.

So in an island characterized by the most beautiful coasts in the world, the local products are the first element of promotion and marketing to be managed, protected and promoted.

Sardinia is considered the epicenter of healthy living: it is an island which welcomes its guests far from pollution, daily stress and where optimism and serenity are the most important elements, because living in Sardinia is like you’re on an everyday vacation, with a calendar of interesting events all over the year, to discover the different aspects of Sardinia, such as the Maddalena Archipelago with its clear and clean waters, or  the throat of Su Gorroppu, the deepest canyon in the island and in Europe, or Alghero and Bosa, in the north-west coast, the first one is famous for its beautiful beaches, the other for the romantic typical charm of the river cities.

We can also visit Castelsardo, where you can admire the wonderful landscape of the Asinara Gulf and many other places that deserve to be explored for their incomparable beauty. So you really should be centenarian to visit them all…


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