Say goodbye to monotony with a healthy fun on the beach: Italy, Croatia, Greece, Spain.

Fun, relax and sport activities on the beach are the key words in Summer, and so we have chosen for you a brief overview of destinations to delight on the beach …

Let’s start from Italy where, first of all we find Rimini beach, which comes alive with sports, entertainment, music and festivals.

Everyday starts with free aerobics, gymnastics, water aerobics, dancing, games and entertainment for adults and children, with Latin American nights, special events and live concerts of great artists of international music.

Along the Croatian coast you can find many bars and nightclubs open until dawn, and also healthy sports on the beach in the morning, such as beach volley, soccer, surfing, scuba diving, fishing, cycling, rock climbing or just walking on the beach and gymnastic exercises.

Water parks with slides are especially ideal for children, with shows and fun on the beach with animation teams.

From Croatia we arrive to Greece with the beautiful Ios Island, or the so called “party island“, loved by young people for beach parties and unexpected concerts. Almost uninhabited, in Summer the island is full of young music lovers, in search of nightlife and entertainment, while during the day they love the sun, among olive trees and bushes, hidden bays and small churches among the rocks, and at lunch time they stay in some local tavern, behind the beach, enjoying the delights of the place.

Ibiza is the last but not less irresistible for those who love the sea, because it satisfies the most demanding tourists, not only for its nightlife and great entertainment but also for the sandy beaches, its coves between the rocks and Ses Figueretes, which is located on the coast with exotic palm trees and it is very green.

So let’s start to say goodbye to the monotony for a healthy fun … in the end there is plenty of choise.


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