Sleep in a Lighthouse in Scotland, the Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel

If you are looking for some romantic and uncommon places, away from the everyday’s busy life, the Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel is the ideal location for you.

It is an ancient lighthouse of the nineteenth century, which was built by Robert Stevenson, the grandfather of the famous novelist, and today it is furnished with antique furniture and restored into a very particular, charming and modern hotel, with all the comforts of a luxury holiday.

Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel - The South of Scotland - Lighthouse

The Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel is located along the southern coasts of  Scotland, in an enviable position, and it attracts many people so much to become the dream of many sea lovers, but also of those who love quietness.

You can see and smell the sea breeze from every part of the rooms, which are very large and comfortable, and you can also enjoy an exclusive landscape, where Scotland seems to come close to Ireland.

If you decide to stay in this extraordinary location, you will get a special and unforgettable experience, surrounded by a romantic atmosphere, rocked by the wind, while there is a stormy sea, or hearing the waves crashing, or enjoyng the beautiful sunsets, almost to the rhythm of his beams of light over sea.

During your stay at the Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel you may also practice many outdoor activities, such as golf, boat trips and excursions in the surrounding places, horseback riding or just walking on the beach.

So this lighthouse is the ideal place from which to begin to explore other lighthouses in Scotland, which are more beautiful and fascinating than many castles.


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