Alghero, an exclusive holiday in Villa Las Tronas Hotel & Spa and El Faro Hotel.

Alghero, “the little Barcelona”, a popular destination for tourists from all the world, is strategically located in the Coral Coast, or “Costera del Coral“, so called because of the prestigious red coral which ca be found in the Mediterranean, and it represents an important economic and cultural resource economic for the island.

Alghero’s origins are Ligurian, because ligurian people were the first to settle in the area near the port. For about four hundred years Alghero has been under Catalan country, and after the Aragonese monarchs, the Catalan language continued to be used but with some influences from Sardinia and from Italian languages.

Alghero is surrounded by beautiful beaches, great cliffs, caves, trees, and it is the ideal place for those who love Sardinia sea and nature, with its delightful old town, the heart of city life, with old- Aragonese buildings, ancient walls and towers, small streets full of restaurants and clubs open until late at night.

Villa Las Tronas Hotel & Spa - Sardinia - Villa

If you stay in Alghero you may visit Capo Caccia, in the shape of a sleeping giant, a symbol of the city itself, the famous Cave of Neptune, and several nuraghes throughout the country, and the Bombarde, a famous meeting place for young people, the Lazaretto, Porto Conte, the cove of Cala Dragunara and Tramariglio, and finally the famous Bue Marino caves. You can spend this exclusive holiday in two exclusive hotels, such as Villa Las Tronas Hotel & Spa, the old residence of the Italian kings, in a wonderful location overlooking the sea, and El Faro Hotel, which is situated in the Bay of the Nymphs, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view from the terrace of the Hotel or from its sea water pools. Both of them are located a few minutes from Alghero, which will appear especially seductive, charming, especially at sunset, like if it was a compromise between Cannes and Saint-Paul-de-Vence, between past and present, between grace and elegance.


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