Corsica: the Island of beauty and first-class hotels.

Corsica is a land that can’t leave you indifferent, because of its strong character, which is reflected in the natural and wild landscape and in its tumultuous history, whose heritage can be seen in the creation of Genoese towers, Romanesque and Baroque churches and many other places which attract those who love history and civilization.

With its extraordinary natural heritage, the island offers its guests dream places to visit,

with its 1000 kilometers of coastline and a variety of marine landscapes in the Mediterranean Sea, such as the sand beaches, the rocky cliffs in Cargese, the famous Santa Giulia beaches, or Palombaggia, a few kilometers from Porto Vecchio, or Rondinara and the Ile Rousse coves. For this reason Corsica is called the “Island of beauty” by french people.

In Porto Vecchio you can stay in a beautiful first class hotel, the Hotel le Roi Théodore, which is located  in an area of incomparable beauty, and with rooms overlooking the outdoor swimming pools or the surrounding park, it is an oasis of relax.

Hôtel le Roi Théodore - Corsica - Resort

Corsica is everything and its opposite, it is wild and friendly, open up to people and reserved, gentle and rugged, and its inhabitants are on the one hand very attached to their culture and want to preserve it, on the other hand they love to share it with tourists, because they are jealous but extremely proud of their land, which is a unique and magic place that could gives you strong emotions and its feast atmosphere will overwhelm you, especially in summer. In this period it becomes a favorite destination for Italian and French tourists, because of its proximity of Tuscany and Cote d’Azur.

It is also the cradle of a cuisine of many opulent flavors, and its towns are full of restaurants and narrow streets and they come alive right before dawn… and it is the ideal time to enjoy the sea and the pale sun, because “Corsica was born when the sun and the sea were in love with each other”, as Anthoine de Saint-Exupery said.


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