Two faces of the same city: the ancient and modern Scalea.

Scalea was an important location since prehistoric period, a religious and cultural center, and was subjected to the Saracens attacks, and today it is one of the most famous tourist centers and resorts of Cosenza and Calabria, with the old town which dominates the modern part that overlooks the large beaches.

Scalea is a typical medieval village which was prepared to defend itself against raids, and with its many Roman ruins of the Imperial period, it was a model for the construction of Ercolano and Pompei villas.

Who chooses Scalea for his summer holidays is a lover of the sea: the cliffs from Capo Scalea to Ajnella is full of caves and coves, with miles of beaches interrupted only by a massive rock where there is Torre Talao, the symbol of the city.

The rock was once an island inhabited by prehistoric men, then it was transformed into a peninsula by a silting phenomenon and today it is an important part of the territory, where visitors can enjoy a breathtaking panorama from the Ajnella cliffs to the long beach until the Cirella Isle.

Hotel Porto Pirgos - Calabria - Relais

This area is rich in culinary traditions, thanks to the different people who lived here over the centuries. We can recommend, for example, noodles and chickpeas, or the “lagane” and beans, enriched by the famous “red pepper“, but the typical recipe of Scalea is the so called “Pip ‘and patane“, or peppers and potatoes, passed down from generation to generation, and cooked in different ways. It represents  the simple tale of the peasant tradition which characterizes this corner of Calabria, so you can come back home not only with souvenirs and photos of these places but also with “tasty” memories


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