The magic and charm of an immortal city: Paris

Paris is the eternal city to be discovered one more time, with his magic that always enchants visitors, it is also a cultural center of great importance, the favorite tourist destination all over the year, with its 150 museums, such as the Louvre, and exceptional places, such as the Champs-Élysées and the Tour Eiffel.

Paris is also a city of parties and prestige, the capital of creativity, fashion, luxury, love, where all couples in love are delighted by the charm of its boulevards, its bridges, its squares.

It is especially an historic city, since the various kings and presidents who succeeded here, left their personal architectural contribute, which makes Paris the most beautiful and romantic city in Europe.

Paris is also the city of gastronomy, with its many tasting tours, including wonderful chocolates and macarons, its typical bistrots, bar and restaurants, where you can taste its differents flavors and discover delicious tastes of style, marked by a real journey of the senses.

In addition, you will be conquered by the parks that you can see in the capital of all dreams, as well as the magnificent banks of the Seine and the thousands of shops and stands which sell designer items or antique fornitures, and you can find many ideas for shopping or designers collections.

You get excited just enjoying the special atmosphere you find here, both in the morning and at night, when the city begins to change and becomes more charming with thousands of lights which satisfies your desire for fun with its cabarets, nightclubs and jazz clubs.

Raphael - Parigi Ile de France - Palazzo storico

There are many opportunities to spend your holiday in the centre of the beautiful capital city, such as the Hotel Parc Saint Severin, a historic luxury hotel, just a short distance from the main attractions of Paris, or the Raphael Hotel, with a breathtaking view of the Tour Eiffel and the Arc de Triomphe … so do not hesitate to get excited, because “Paris is always a good idea” , it will conquer you and will remain in the heart … forever.


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