Milan to drink …the green aperitif, the ideal happy hour.

The hour of aperitif becomes green, and the happy hour is the best moment to share happy events.

The green happy hour is tasty, light and healthy, and it is becoming a common event and very popular in many parts of Italy, especially in Milan,

the city of sophistication, fashion and drink, which now appears to be more ecological, because the famous ” Milan aperitif” meets the green economy, and it becames an innovative and unique opportunity to meet and discuss many global issues, such as sustainability and the environment.

Being vegetarian does not mean sacrificing taste, but eating real and nutritious food. Many pubs satisfy the most demanding customers, offering delicious green recipes, from the traditional buffet with different portions of grilled vegetables and bio products, to the finger foods, including vegetables, soups with seasonal ingredients, rice pudding, veg lasagne, and so on.

And what about a drink? You can try an aperitif of the house, or craft beers, bio white or red wines, and also tea or juices.

In short, nowadays there is a real green lifestyle to “purify” yourself from the stress of city life, and the aperitif is a moment of relax, or, perhaps, an opportunity to meet new people and, why not, the “green” soulmate.

Park Hyatt Milano - Lombardy - Historical building

But the green drink is also lively and engaging, and also an opportunity for exhibitions, book presentations and meetings, or to educate customers on the awareness of environmental and sustainability problems.

So, now, we’ll drink your green health!


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