Genoa, a universe of superb surprises

Genoa is a city of art overlooking the sea, and it is also a city to be discovered, with its culture, fun and tradition, which developed around the port, and it is full of shops, restaurants and museums, old villas surrounded by nineteenth-century parks, picturesque walks near the sea and fishermen’s houses which makes the landscape unique and particular in all the Liguria.

When you arrive to Genoa from the sea, the impact is really extraordinary: you can see the city in all its majesty, as if it were lying on the seaside and went slowly expanding on its hills, in a unique setting.

The Old Port itself encloses both the old city and the modern one in a suggestive harmony of shapes and colours. It has got the ancient symbols, such as the Lantern and the very old palaces of Ripa Maris,  and also the modern buildings, such as the Bigo and the Bolla by Renzo Piano, the Aquarium, which is the largest marine park in Europe, and the Cotton Buildings and the Galata Sea Museum.

Genoa is not only a popular seaside town, but also a city of gardens, parks, and especially of famous people, from Cristoforo Colombo to Mazzini, to De Andrè, Renzo Piano and Lele Luzzati, because it is really a city full of surprises and a place where your stay will be enjoyable and interesting.

Why don’t you go through the narrow “caruggi”, which are the streets of the Old Town or within the hundred year old shops of the ancient town, to discover the first urban settlement, which is Castrum, dating back to the Romans and the Etruscans?

So, are you ready to travel? So let’s begin …


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