River cruises … a mix of relax, fun and cultural visits.

The rivers are the sources of life, along whose banks the most important capitals and cities have always developed in the past.

Today the river cruise is a real fashion because it is a way of traveling going until to the centre of the countries in complete relax, and seeing thelandscapes from a new point of view.

The river navigation, which is slow and quiet, makes you discover historical sites, a closer contact with nature and a better observation of the surrounding environments.

It is very common in France and in Northern Europe, with wonderful routes along the Seine, the Rhone, the Elbe and the Danube rivers, and touching beautiful cities such as Vienna, Dresden, Prague, Avignon, but today the river cruises are developing also in the south of Europe, such as in Italy, especially along the Po river until the Venice Lagoon, or along the Guadalquivir in Spain and in Portugal along the Douro Valley.

A cruise like this has got all the charm of a journey full of new feelings and emotions, through the most beautiful and enchanting rivers of the world, which will take you back in time.

So why don’t you enjoy a cruise on the Danube river to discover the wonders of Eastern Europe, or the monuments and museums in Vienna and Budapest, observing the landscapes of extraordinary beauty, feeling a sense of incomparable serenity, and filling your eyes with the vision of the rivers, which leave a great nostalgia with their beauty in the heart of those see them and a farewell that is not easily forgotten.


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