A particular city: Venice

The city of Venice was built entirely on the sea, and it is made up of many small islands, including Murano, the island that is famous for its glass products, and Burano, which is rich in colours and fascinating landscapes.

The islands are also crossed by canals or rivers, which are often linked by bridges, like the Rialto Bridge and the Sighs Bridge.

The historic center of Venice, which represents a favorite destination for tourists, is divided into different districts, such as San Marco, whose centre is San Marco square.

Venice offers visitors historical and suggestive images, linked to its past, and it is also a city full of history and art that is not only visible along its streets, monuments and palaces, but also in many exhibitions and in many museums that are located in the city.

Marcel Proust remembered Venice as “a city of childhood fantasy and adult melancholy, full of desires and a burst of memories.”

Whether you go by foot or by vaporetto or gondola, Venice has a special charm and it is always one of the most popular destinations in the tourists’ imagination for all its aspects and in all seasons of the year, where there are always many parties and manifestations, especially the Carnival, or historical and religious commemorations.

Many of these representations aren’t celebrated anymore but Venetians respect them and recognize them as a part of the collective unconscious and they are proud of them.


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