Discovering the real beauties of Istanbul.

Istanbul, which is considered the Turkish metropolis, the most important city of culture and tourism in the country, continues to fascinate visitors with its unique and contrasting atmospheres.

Istanbul is situated between two continents, and this makes it extremely unique and represents a powerful appeal to the imagination of European people.

The city is a collection of many different cities, and its architectural landscape, as well as the social context, changes quickly and radically.

Among the most ancient districts of Istanbul we find Üsküdar, which was built as a residential district from the beginning, and still today it retains the same characteristics.

Not far from Üsküdar there is Kuzguncuk, which is a long, narrow valley, characterized by old wooden houses, surrounded by greenery. It has the typical atmosphere of a fishing village, which has inspired and continues to inspire artists, poets, filmmakers, architects and dreamers.

Another center worth to be visited is Fatih, which is considered one of the most “conservative” part of Istanbul, where you can taste the authentic flavors of Turkish cuisine.

Finally in Fener, the historic greek district, the roads start to get narrow, and here you can “breathe” the true story of Istanbul. In the past many Byzantine priests, Ottomans, with their servants, Armenian traders, jews shopkeepers, Gypsies, have populated, often at the same time, these areas of the city, and they contributed to the cultural richness that is now known and that makes Istanbul a city of an extraordinary beauty and authenticity.


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