Arki & Halki…two greek pearls of the Dodecanese

Halki and Arki are two Greek islands of the Dodecanese, in a short distance from Rhodes, and you can easily reach them from the Greece itself.

Halki has a suggestive aspect,  with a few hundred inhabitants, which are concentrated in a unique village, while the other centres of the island are small open-air museums where you can admire some interesting architectures, and where you can breathe the atmosphere of the past.

It’s the ideal location for those who want to momentarily forget everyday life, and take a fascinating journey into the past, with its little graceful houses, its squares, courtyards and the narrow streets..

It is a charming, simple and genuine island, with a primitive and wild aspect.

Also Arki is a particular destination, which is ideal for excursions by boat, and it worths to be visited for the beauty of the sea and the beaches, which are absolutely fantastic.

It’s certainly one of the smaller and less populated islands of all the Greece, it’s a real paradise, yet uncontaminated and in a timeless atmosphere, where local life is developed exclusively around the port.

The most beautiful bays are the Bays of Tiganakia and of Limnari: the first one is characterized by white sand and crystalline sea, while in the second one there is more quitness and it’s in a sandy bay…because it’s not late to say goodbye to the summer.


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