A jewel of the past set in the greenery: the Chantilly Castle

The Chantilly Castle, in the north of France, is a jewel of the past set in the greenery.

Louis II of Bourbon-Condé, called the Great Condé, I often used it to organize many parties.

Today in the castle there are the museum Condée, its exceptional collection of ancient painting, which is the second most important museum after the Louvre, a library of inestimable value and the museum of the horse, where you can admire the trappings of the period, the costumes and you can see demonstrations training.

Chantilly is also considered the “capital of the horse” because here thousands of horses are raised thanks to the sandy place which is suitable for their legs, and every year there are many important competitions and international awards in horse riding.

Around the castle, you can enjoy the view of a huge garden, which is both in French and in English lifestyle, and a moat of water that creates a wonderful play of mirrors.

Among the rooms and places of the castle you can still visit the salon, the pool, the billiards, the dining room, the kitchen and the mill.

Built on a rock surrounded by water, the castle attracts tourists from all over the world every year, not only for its interior places but also for the French gardens and the Grand Canal, which is a green oasis where you can take long walks .

Auberge du Jeu de Paume, Chantilly - Piccardia - Palazzo storico

The castle, as we said, is located in the north of Paris and if you want to visit it, you could stay in Chantilly, in the Auberge du Jeu de Paume, a remarkable historic palace, which is  ideal for those who decide to leave the bustle of Paris, which is a few kilometers from it, to go to a place that is exceptional for its beauty.


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