Trieste: a city of the borderland

Trieste is a crossroads of cultures, religions, architectures, languages, ethnic groups and products of great interest.

When you arrive to Trieste, you can notice the Austrian architectural perfection, and the promenade that runs for several kilometers and that characterizes the city. We also remember the Theresian village, the great canal, the Serbian Orthodox Church, the port, and the square, one of the most beautiful and the largest squares overlooking the sea.

Trieste has always been the victim of conquerors from the past. The cold and the strong winds of Bora characterizes this part of Italy on the border with the rest of the world, and it represents a forced passage between the West and Central Europe, where different histories and cultures have always been mixed, leaving their marks on houses, buildings and streets , where you seem to be like a protagonist of Italo Svevo’s novels.

In addition Trieste is a city of multi-ethnic flavor for its history, its monuments and the atmosphere of the streets and places, where there are all kinds of events and many art events throughout the year and where you should visit the historic cafes, where people used to meet each other.

Kempinski Palace Portoroz - Litorale-Carso - Palazzo storico

For your unforgettable stay we suggest the Kempinski Palace, which is surrounded by greenery and is located in the heart of Portorose, with a fantastic view of the Adriatic Sea. The hotel is near Trieste, so you can enjoy it in complete freedom, but it is also the ideal location to visit other cities of great interest, such as Ljubljana and Venice, which are a few kilometers far from it.


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