The Pearl of Como Lake: Bellagio and the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni.

Bellagio is one of the most famous towns on Como Lake, which was always the inspiration for many artists and writers, such as Flaubert , Rossini , Verdi and Bellini, who wrote the opera “Norma” .

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni - Lakes Region - Villa

Bellagio extends partly on the Riviera area and partly on the promontory, and it is extraordinary for this particular location and the landscapes around it, with views all over the lake.

Among the most suggestive places there are the park of Villa Serbelloni , one of the most beautiful park in Italy, and the summit of San Primo Mountain, where you can see the Alps , from Mont Blanc to the Ortles, and the Madonna of Duomo in Milan.

In addition, with its climate, which is mild in winter and temperate in summer, with its hystorical centre and with its vegetation, Bellagio is an ideal place to stay for those who enjoy the rest and walks , but also it offers the opportunity to do many sports activities, such as rock climbing , beautiful excursions, trekking , mountain biking, horseback riding and golf around the lake, with seven famous courses surrounded by greenery.

There are many excursions and trips that can be made from Bellagio by foot, by car or by boat , to reach countries on the opposite banks of the lake, to enjoy many and fascinating views: charming villages , beautiful villas and lush gardens.

Among the oldest and most elegant hotels near the Como Lake there is the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, which is away from the bustle of daily life, and it is completely surrounded by nature.

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni - Lakes Region - Villa

Many prominent members of the nobility, entertainment and international politics stayed in this Hotel and its restaurants are very famous all over the world. We are sure its elegance and its perfect location with view on the lake will make your stay perfect and full of unforgettable moments.


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