The natural reserve Cavagrande Cassibile: The Sicilian Canyon

Cavagrande of Cassibile is a magnificent canyon near Avola, which can be reached through a path of about 1.700 meters, called Scala Cruci.

Cavagrande is a deep valley formed by the continual erosion of the waters of the Cassibile river, creating small waterfalls and small lakes with fresh and clear waters.

Sourronded by inaccessible sheer walls of the cave, the Sicilians, the first inhabitants of this place, built two villages, still difficult to be reached and now they become part of the landscape.

These places were used until the first half of the last century. In fact, just above the lakes there was a monastery and small country houses, while in another part of the reserve there are several ancient necropolis, where rich grave goods and ceramic material were found.

The landscape is constantly changing, with many paths that allow access to the reserve, and the presence of water and cliffs make it a true jewel nestled between the rocks, which offer extraordinary emotions.

Eremo Madonna Delle Grazie - Sicily - Convent-monastery

It is worth visiting Cavagrande del Cassibile, especially for lovers of nature, archeology and trekking, and for your excursion we suggest you to stay in Avola, in the Hermitage Hotel Madonna delle Grazie, with its mystical atmosphere and the charm of its rooms, which offers spectacular views of the canyon Cavagrande Cassibile. So when you think about it, despite the fatigue of the ascent, you will have only great memories.


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