Merano and the grape festival

In Merano the Autumn offers a mix of colours, suggestions and emotions for many events based on the pleasures of the cuisine.

Every year in this town, which is characterized by orchards and vineyards, the third Sunday in October is dedicated to a particular feast of thanksgiving for the harvest: the great grape festival in Merano, which is organized to celebrate, as a sign of gratitude, the good season.

This event, whose first edition dates back to 1886, is now established in the territory and during this festival you can find together food and wine events, but also folklore and tradition, with many parades of dancers, groups in traditional costumes and floats, including the traditional large crown of apples and the very big bunch of grapes.

All the city is involved in the party in a mix of folklore, traditional music and gastronomy, with the sound of brass bands which spread music rhythms in the streets and in the squares of the historical center.

Every year the Grape Festival, between tradition and customs, music and entertainment, good food and wine, is able to attract thousands of visitors and tourists, who like the spectacular autumn scenery in Merano.

Belvita Hotel Adria & SPA - Trentino Alto Adige - Palazzo storico

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