Welcome to the Langhe

The Langhe is a famous region throughout the world, not only for the wealth of traditions and the typical products of its territory, but also for the breathtaking views of its hills, which are between the Alps and the sea.

It is a historical region of the Piedmont region, situated between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti, which includes many routes by names that “smell” of wine, such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Roero, and they have the intense flavor of typical products of Piedmont, including truffles, meats, cheeses, which characterize a simple but tasty cuisine, thanks to which the whole area has become a destination for eno-gastronomic tourism.

We can remember, at this regard, the famous Alba Truffle Festival which takes place in this period.

The whole area, however, is not only a destination for enogastronomic tourism, but also for the artistic and cultural beauty of its landscapes, surrounded by medieval castles and historic towns that can be admired thanks to interesting tours cycling and walking, with the opportunity to enjoy taste the best products of the place.

Le Langhe offer many different spectacular views, made up of vineyards and hills, which have often been made famous by important writers, such as Pavese and Fenoglio, who are able to describe to the reader unique smells and special flavors of this place, melting them in a harmonious way.


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