Hamburgeseria, the ham fashion starts in Rome

For the new culinary trend, such as the hamburger, the city of Rome always occupies the first place. Here we find the Hamburgeseria, the new burger bar of the capital, which prepare the perfect hamburger with meat with certified origins, handmade bread and homemade sauces.

Here you can find not only the hamburger, which still remains the king of the menu, but also the best American tradition: hot and cold coffees, shakes, tea, cookies, cheesecake, brownies, and so on.

The fashion now requires the hamburger as a main dish of this period, painted and cooked in all sauces, with meat and fish, gourmet street food both in fast food chains and in fine and exclusive restaurants and exclusive, in Rome as well as in Milan.

The Hamburgeseria wants to bring something new in the Roman setting and in other places, and this target seems well done, because this new fashion seems to develop in other regions ofItaly, because of the perfect combination between quality and price.

So always more people become crazy for hamburgers, after McDonald’s or Burger King, because they like hamburgers made with local recipes and quality ingredients, which are transformed into dishes for gourmets and served in trendy places, in the most cool places of the capital.

So, during your pleasant stay in Rome in one of the most elegant hotels, we are waiting for you to try the recipes of hamburgeseria and maybe one day they can be proposed also in the best hotels inRome.


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