San Marino: a dip in the medieval history

The Republic of San Marino, which is nestled between the Romagna and the Marche regions,  is the oldest republic in Europe. It is situated in the centre of Italy, on Titano Mount, and it’s just 15 km from the Adriatic coast.

It was founded in301 A.D. by Marino, who was a Dalmatian stonemason who took refuge here – according to the legend – to escape the persecutions of the Diocletian Emperor. Since then, the small country has a history of freedom and independence always defended with tenacity and wisdom by its people and it often opened its doors to those who came here to seek refuge and protection, such as Giuseppe Garibaldi and over one hundred thousand people during the Second World War.

There are many reasons why tourists from all parts of Italy cross the state border: shopping, landscape, gastronomy, exhibitions, events, monuments, museums, works of art and tourist spots.

The historical centre of the Republic of San Marino is a monument and its landscape, which can be admired from the three towers, built as defensive bulwarks, is really suggestive, offering on the one hand the stunning views of the Romagna Riviera, and on the other, the ancient Republic made of streets, squares, churches and shops.

Hotel Carducci 76 - Emilia-Romagna - Villa

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