Moonful of taste: heavenly evenings on the mountains

There is a place on the Dolomites, in Alto Adige, which is Val d’ Ega, which offers natural beauties and where an observatory was recently opened, not only to observe stars in the sky, but also the sun and the planets.

For this new event, many theme nights are organized with ” stellar menuevery Friday of the week of the full moon, until December. So you can taste typical dishes, inspired by the stars and with names of the sky or universe, to make you know the planets and the solar system .

In every restaurant there is also a point of astrological information and a telescope to look at the depths of the universe with all its charm .

You can also find infopoint about planets, solar watches and libraries of texts about the stars and the Universe, sundials which adorn buildings and gardens along the villages of Collepietra , San Valentino in Campo , Cornedo , Cardano, Prato Isarco and Brie, many telescopes in different place of the villages, webcams to constantly watch the sky and its changes and planetary tour dedicated to children.

You can also take cooking courses and discover the flavors of traditional cuisine, or , more simply, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of these places to contemplate the wonderful scenery of mountains and snowy peaks, or live the typical experience of sunrises and unforgettable sunsets.

That is why you should choose a holiday in Val d’ Ega, because admiring the stars and planets in this valley of the Dolomites, by breathtaking scenaries, you can almost ” touch the sky with a finger”…


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