” Candles in Candelara “, between flavors and Christmas atmosphere

Candelara is a small village near Pesaro, in the Marche region, where mountains and hills represent a beautiful landscape which is also rich in history, culture and art.

It was inhabited since the prehistoric period, and over the centuries it was fortified with walls and towers which are still visible, and here the Barbarossa Emperor found refuge after the Legnano battle.

According to the legend, three candles were lit to decide where to build the village, and in the less windy point, there the country arose. Hence the name “Candelara” and the symbol of the country, represented by three candles.

In addition, during the Christmas period, there is the so called “Candles in Candelara “, the only Italian Christmas market where the protagonists are the candles, as well as other crafts that reconnect us to the Christmas spirit.

It is a manifestation where you can admire the beauty of candles of every shape, colour and size , and where the country is heated by thousand lights on, as well as fragrant essences, from the cedar to the vanilla, musk, pine and many other pleasant fragrances .

But the most important moment is when the old village is illuminated only by natural light of the candles, creating a truly suggestive and unique atmosphere.

For this event, Candelara also becomes the capital of flavors, tastings many traditional dishes, which are distinguished for their high quality and which attract many tourists every year.

So you can’t miss a magical weekend in this charming village, because “the journey is worth the candle ” …


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