The magical Christmas in Austria.

Tyrol is the most fascinating region in Austria for its landscapes, especially for those who love the mountains.

It’s located in the heart of the Alps, and it’s the ideal place for skiing, but it’s also famous for its old traditions, from clothing to choirs, to folk dances, to music bands , to crafts, to the Christmas markets, which present a spectacular scenery, with the Alps appearing walking through the narrow streets of Innsbruck.

This year, from 22nd November to 6th January, you can visit in Tyrol the particular cribs. These cribs are made by hand, with wooden statues, with such a character to make them look real.

In addition, through the snow-covered town you can see particular examples of the Tyrolean handicrafts. You can also visit the Krippenmuseum, or the Museum of the Nativity , where you can discover the customs of the nativity scenes and have the chance to see how to build a crib based on the carving technique .

A month before the 24th  of December, the Tyrol enters, therefore, in a magical period, with a wonderful Christmas atmosphere and ancient local traditions, which are alive in the squares and in the streets of the towns and mountain villages.

In addition, Christmas decorations are supported by the sale of traditional sweets such as biscuits , the classic strudel, almond cakes or covered with chocolate, rum or spouts .

So the visit to the markets could be a great occasion to enjoy the magical atmosphere of Christmas in the Austrian Tyrol.


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